Standalone off-grid clean Energy Access solutions is at the heart of our work

Afrinet Power Tech drives clean energy innovations for the power to get the work done.
We provide solar power solutions to enhance energy access in our communities, targeting underserved areas – impacting lives and advancing access to better opportunities.

About 50% of Nigeria’s population lack regular access to reliable electricity, nearly 90 million people live off the grid.
Grid extension projects are nowhere near keeping up with population growth and increasing demand for power. This is worsened by their vulnerability to acts of terrorism and vandalization.

According to Power for All, Any practical solution to deliver energy access to lower-density, rural populations cost-effectively must include smaller-scale generation and limited—if any—transmission.

Transforming the current energy outlook requires a shift in the way we think about energy and electricity delivery.

Decentralized solar home systems and mini-grids can provide the needed energy to power our communities and drive growth. Afrinet Power, together with our ecosystem partners are working at the heart of innovations to deliver affordable clean energy solutions to enhance access to modern energy.