Inverterless Solar

DC-based energy efficient solar power solutions for enhancing off grid clean energy access. Your AnyTimePower solution.

Afrinet’s AnyTimePower


All of today’s home and office appliances such as TVs, Computers, tablets, mobile phones, LED lights, and so on, work on Direct Current (DC) – made even better with solar energy. Solar PVs and other renewable sources generate energy in DC, so we save costs and eliminate inverter losses by going DC. Virtually every household and office appliance today has a DC-ready alternative or easily retroffitable to DC. A major advantage with DC systems is that the components use less raw material and saves on energy which results in lower running costs.

DC makes democratic use of power possible, as it works best in decentralized off-grid settings. We deploy decentralized DC Solar to power rural homes, farms and businesses to provide the much needed basic electricity. Focusing more in the rural off-grid communities at this time, with very little or no electricity infrastructure means there’s little conversion challenges and less appliances to retrofit to DC.

DC enables the use of less resources, including about 20% copper reduction. This has better effect on efforts to lower CO2 emissions to improve health and the environment.

Our experience also shows that conversion to DC helps improve technical knowledge on energy matters as consumers generate their own power and thus, become more energy conscious and are constantly aware of impacts of their activities. This ‘energy literacy’ is important in cubing energy waste and driving efficiency as we make progress in the energy transition to renewables.

The ‘Inverterless’ solution is powered by our innovative DC Solar wall socket and has up to 40% better energy efficiency with about 35% more affordable solar energy to power what matters to you.